1* Instructor

by John Nijssen


  • At least 6 months in the possession of the IADS 4-star Assistant Instructor certificate.
  • Minimum age 18 years.
  • At least 120 logged dives.
  • In possession of the IADS Trained Medical certificate (or equivalent).
  • Oxygen Provider license.
  • Valid medical statement.
  • Signed exemption from liability.
  • Following the 1* (one-star) Instructor course.
  • Successfully completed the 1* (one-star) Instructor test.

 Course content

  •  The 1* (one-star) Instructor course must be at least 6 entire days.
  • During those days, the following topics are covered:
    • Course orientation
    • Execution of IADS Skills
    • Workshop skills
    • Skills Lessons & Techniques
    • The role of the diving Instructor
    • The modular lesson presentation model
    • Rating (theoretical and practical)
    • The IADS further education
    • Attitude of an Instructor
  • The 1* (one-star) Instructor exam takes at least two entire days.
  • During these days, the knowledge on the following subjects will be evaluated:
    • Guidelines and procedures
    • The 1* (one-star) and 2** (two-star) Open Water Diving Course
    • First Aid / CPR and Rescue
    • The 1* (one-star) Instructor course


  •  The 1* (one-star) Instructor program is aimed at creating a sport diving instructor from a 4**** (four-star) Assistent Instructor. The requirement is that the student must attend the six-days lasting 1* (one-star) Instructor course program, which is given by an active 3*** (three-star) IADS Instructor or higher. During the course the student will be taught in practically all the facets related to the training of recreational divers. The six-day training program will end with a test.
  • At the end of the 1* (one-star) Instructor Course is a two-day during test.
  • During these days, all subjects discussed in previous courses will be examined by a professional and independent IADS examiner. If the student passes the test he or she will receive the IADS 1* (one-star) Instructor license.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned requirements the following is expected from the Instructor candidate:
    • Large practical diving experience
    • Extensive theoretical knowledge
    • Good verbal ability and teaching skills
    • Didactic and methodical skills
    • A very good attitude and the correct philosophy
    • An IADS 1* (one-star) Instructor is qualified to teach an 1* (one-star) course and a 2** (two-star) course and take the exam.
  • To maintain the Active Status, the 1* (one-star) Instructor must at least certify the minimum required number of 2 students per calendar year.
  • The IADS 1* (one-star) Instructor is obligated, if he / she wants to actively assist and teach, to be a member of the IADS organization and therefore is automatically insured against legal liability.
  • An IADS 1* (one-star) Instructor is authorized to provide all the training till Assistant Instructor and examine till 2** (two-star) diver.
  • Only an Active Status IADS 2** (two-star) Instructor or higher may give this course. The exam must be notified to the IADS Headquarters and is conducted by an IADS Examiner.